Pheromones Attraction Monthly

Posted On Saturday, January 30th, 2016 By Eric

The dark feminine does not want to reject her sexuality pheromones – and enjoys it immensely. She knows she has desire (not just sexual) and is willing to experience it without any holding back. If you feel like you have difficulty expressing either the light or the dark, it is most likely because you have suppressed that side of yourself throughout your life. It does not mean that you cannot have versatility, or that it is not ‘you’. There are three main parts of you that make us what I call the ‘whole’ of the dark feminine energy. They are: 1) Desire. Your desire for enjoyable sexual experiences and your desire for sexual power with the man you are dating. 2) Your sense of pride, healthy arrogance and enjoyment of competition pheromones. Learn more at and about pheromones attraction Control Monthly is a monthly subscription program designed for women to learn the knowledge and skills in attracting a man for the long-term and becoming more attractive to men. As you probably know already, attraction is a very important element of life and relationships. It will determine whether you will be able to attract the man of your life, whether […]