Pheromone Attraction Solution

Posted On Monday, November 28th, 2016 By Eric

There are a few problems that need to be solved individually in order for this solution to work. The Divide and Conquer model that I learned in computer science (and war story books) interestingly enough applies here. First of all, what problems are solved?- I’m over the fact that I don’t get to have sex with her anymore. I’m better at controlling my sexuality anyway nowadays (i.e. being able to say no to masturbation if I want to).- I have accepted the fact that we’ll never be together anymore. It’s just not possible and it would inhibit my personal growth for sure.- I understand her pheromones perspective, thanks through Tonglen or LKM (or at least I have an illusion of understanding which is equally gratifying).- I understand that our pheromone differences indeed are too big at the moment. Then, what hasn’t been solved? – That I really miss that she ‘felt like home’. This is because the last 5 months I spent the most time with her and it was quite a lonely period for the rest since I was really busy with academic stuff. So she kind of was my only personal friend that I saw regurarly, I didn’t […]