I listened to the first pheromone course

Posted On Wednesday, February 15th, 2017 By Eric

Today I went to work by train and I listened to the first pheromone course CD while travelling. Released on another person. I noticed that I need to do this on more people than I though in the beginning. Still the throat/chest issue, although it was somewhat less. Repeated my goals with pheromone attraction. When I walked around at work I felt really happy. Smiling a lot, saying hello to strangers I met in the staircase. Even happily greeting somewhat unknown co-workers. When I went back home I tried listening to the second CD but I fell asleep. The smiling thing got me thinking. During the past few weeks I remember myself being happier by increasing my natural pheromone production. Normally I didn’t smile at all when I was alone. But it’s transforming. Every now and then when I’m sitting behind my computer I’m laughing at jokes on IRC, emails I get and even at my own random thoughts. It feels great to use scented pheromones. I just laugh and let it go. More free pheromones please. Learn more at http://michaelspheros.blogspot.com/2016/09/best-pheromones-in-world-real-reviews.html and http://pommettmark.doomby.com/blog/pheromones-are-imporant.html Today I listened to pheromone attraction disc 13 on the train. It was pretty good, although I […]