My Vigrx Supplement Routine

Posted On Sunday, March 12th, 2017 By Eric

I often have sex 3-4 times a day so I downright need it to to be able to get it up & shoot my load without getting depleted. Worst: Cialis Only tried it once years ago (was not because of problems, but just for fun), had a severe headache for several days, and I could not get an erection for a week after – true story … I try to supplement around 15-30 mg a day (preferable 30mg) when I’m rather sexual active … I don’t know what my zink intake from my food is … At the moment I’m not a role model that should be followed when it comes to nutrition – but I have benefited from Vigrx Plus supplements for many years… Learn more at and can’t say for sure that it’s not placebo, but my experience is that I can be sexual active more often when I take zinc (like the difference between every other day vs. 2-3 times a day, somestimes more) … I always appreciate your well thought out replies, and the experience that you share freely. Zinc Pincolinate (wildly mispelled in my last post) is what I have now. I’ll up my dose a little out of curiosity. I’ve been pretty horny lately. Could be the zinc or other contributing factors… broke up with gf; stress at work; trying to reset my life after breaking up – no porn; infrequent breakup sex which is ridiculously good and makes me horny for a couple of days after. I’ll also give Zinc Citrate a try one of these days. ‘ve had rock hard erections from 50mg Zinc Pincolinate before, but these were inconsistent, more like a one off. I also remember increased semen production (which was consistent), and regularly getting wet dreams. Also at the time I use to smoke, and I would always get a bad/raw throat. However when I was taking 50mg Zinc, my throat was instantly healing everyday (no soreness), I was like Wolverine when healing. The last thing I noticed with that supplement, is I was full of energy, but my mind felt very clear and focused at the same time. I don’t know how much that was to do with the Pincolinate though. I do like Zinc, but I don’t take it anymore because it causes my appetite to go into overdrive. I can’t control my eating at all on zinc, I feel like I have a bottomless stomach. There is evidence that anorexics suffer from zinc deficiency. And I also read a study of non zinc deficient rats being given higher than normal zinc, and they started overeating and becoming fat, which definitely relates to my experience. But I might start supplementing zinc again (at least 15mg), because I’ve been working out a lot lately, pushing myself with the heavy weights, and I’m making all kinds of gains without any DOMS. I attribute half of this to muscle memory, but also the fact I’m taking my supplements consistently after workout. But I’m probably Zinc depleted right now with all my heavy workouts. Learn more at

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