Pheromone Attraction Solution

Posted On Monday, November 28th, 2016 By Eric

There are a few problems that need to be solved individually in order for this solution to work. The Divide and Conquer model that I learned in computer science (and war story books) interestingly enough applies here. First of all, what problems are solved?- I’m over the fact that I don’t get to have sex with her anymore. I’m better at controlling my sexuality anyway nowadays (i.e. being able to say no to masturbation if I want to).- I have accepted the fact that we’ll never be together anymore. It’s just not possible and it would inhibit my personal growth for sure.- I understand her pheromones perspective, thanks through Tonglen or LKM (or at least I have an illusion of understanding which is equally gratifying).- I understand that our pheromone differences indeed are too big at the moment. Then, what hasn’t been solved? – That I really miss that she ‘felt like home’. This is because the last 5 months I spent the most time with her and it was quite a lonely period for the rest since I was really busy with academic stuff. So she kind of was my only personal friend that I saw regurarly, I didn’t even see my best friend regurarly. Aka she felt like a friend.- That I feel a great sense of injustice in her way of reasoning of breaking up with me. The way she reasoned feels hypocritical, showed a lack of understanding and also didn’t take into account that I wasn’t the same person anymore (I just completed Vipassana back then). Learn more about pheromones at and – The frustrating feeling that I kept a lot of anger to myself in order not to hurt her. I’d say she got 10% of my anger and she freaked out quite a bit, I’m just glad I could keep the other 90% in. The standard solution is GFTOW, but in my opinion that shifts the human pheromones problem according to I noticed that whenever I apply GFTOW that the problems that I still have with girls will transfer to the new girl. I’m looking for a more fundamental solution that doesn’t need a social support network such as friends or ten other women. I know that a social support network is beneficial for a human being, but I try to design my solutions in a way in which they are sustainable by one person. Furthermore, GFTOW is quite hard for me. I’m not into my diehard PUA times anymore, I did grow from it but I didn’t become a person who just gets a girl every day. And considering the time I put into, I don’t believe it’s worthwhile to invest a lot of time into ‘practicing pheromones pickup’. This is my pheromone attraction solution for when I’m tired, when I’m fit and awake, being self-aware suffices 1) To solve the missing part of that ‘she feels like home’ I should actually powerpose! When something feels like home, it gives you a sense of relaxedness and safety. Pherazone lowers cortisol levels by 20% and ups testosteron by 25% so feelings of relaxedness and safety will arise when I powerpose. A second point is, I should create my room more loving and homely. A third point might be that I should stop reading psychology regularly (I read it for 2 years on sciencedaily every day) and that I should do that once a month and that I should switch to either awesome blogs or funny websites. Powerposing is the main part of this solution, it feels awesome.

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