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Video Help Your Business?

June 14, 2019 | video | No Comments

In this simple guide, we look at advances in online personalized video technology–and the ways video technology can help businesses grow sales and improve customer service.
Customer Engagement – it’s a vital part of any business strategy. The process often revolves two key elements: Reaching buyers at the critical point of decision and then, converting them to customers.

In the past, when business was conducted face-to-face or over the phone, these two elements were much more obvious–and easier to support. Now, since the majority of the world has pivoted to the digital space, finding those engaged sales opportunities has become a much more complex undertaking.
As a result of the digital revolution, businesses are resorting to banners advertising, email marketing and social media marketing to stay in front of their audiences. While these methods can be effective and efficient, they often leave the customer feeling “spoken to” instead of “consulted with” about a particular product, service or account.

With this in mind, the suggestion of using video to engage customers may seem even more one-way in nature, and thus even more of a gamble. However, the nature of online video is changing and evolving. Companies, such as Real Time Content are perfecting state-of-the-art techniques which allow brands to generate personalized videos for their various marketing needs.

This is beginning to make an impact across the digital landscape, as customers are engaged through the use of long form tailored content.
By melding the available digital opportunities and targeting options along with this segmented and real time video capability, businesses no longer have to guess which message will have the most impact across their audiences. Marketing now becomes directed to the individual in an engaging and powerful personalized interaction.

As segmentations are identified and a robust campaign strategy created, each audience is served a personalized experience and, as a result, the engagement becomes much easier to achieve. By implementing personalized video into your business’ marketing plan you can develop innovative ways to support loyalty initiatives to grow and retain customer retention. Imagine being able to recommend customers rewards utilization options based on their individual usage or being able to pitch different opportunities based on your user’s location or lifestyle demographics.

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