weird pheromone production?

Posted On Thursday, December 24th, 2015 By Eric

I intend to use stronger human pheromones. Don’t feel anything so far, 21 hours a day, mostly Ultrasonics. Knowing me, if it works, I won’t notice until stage 3. Exercise seems easier, but that wouldn’t happen in stage 1, so it must be something else. I started when I had just caught a cold, so it only gets better from there, I suppose. I’m still figuring out if I should do Pherazone or Max Attraction Gold.
I’m just wondering about that whole piracy-code. If it really drives you to want to buy real pheromones. What made you choose to do all of AM6, instead of just the refresher? You feel there are still things that it didn’t catch well enough the first time? Still having weird pheromone production according to and
You got to consider all those pheromone receptors as well. Okay, so t hat’s not something explicitly clarifying on anything …like game dynamic or anything. I don’t see either, but just wanna make sure. CJ: Yeah you know it’s one of those things where you have to have to look at like … she statements and get like a general theme or general direction we’re he ading…like how old are you …do you have any kids. Are your parents still alive…what’s your religion… you know all those to g et like a good picture of somebody. 
Okay, so o ne my little experiment had to do with the agreement. I’m gonna assume that all of you (unclear)…lay report. S o , I wanted to know how important agreement is … this is only one test. I i agine three or five more… but probably really shored up … but before. Okay, so at the beginning you had two main school of pick – up you had the seduction guys and you had basically the mystery method guy. And I studied both, and used both. I found Mystery method t o be better in my opinion . Because it handled more situations , it had more of a format…speed seduction as far as getting a girl connected and turned on was actually pretty good. But those were the kind of the two main schools that taught, sort of at the beginning and the idea of both of them basically would be, that you have to have pheromones rapport, you had to be getting along with someone… and this was another thing that was somewhat confusing because… you had girl s who didn’t even really seemed to like (unclear)… .am talking about me personally. Learn about pheromones at
They still seem to like me but I would just keep on going and keep on going and keep on going… then you can have sex phromones. Not even necessarily have anything in common and like that and it’s still happening so one of those thing didn’t fit like the prevailing idea and so whenever I thought about agreement … you know … and see it has the glue in terms of the dynamics and I felt like I had gone full circle on my pheromone spray. 

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